The Prisoner

23 Jun

As I walk down the corridor
I see a figure bend
and as that figure comes to a pose
My heart stop
an angelic smile that make men go crazy
and lights up the room in an instant
eyes as deep as the ocean
My heart beats with such a commotion
and a symphonic laugh that will haunt my mortal ear
I think I’ve fallen in love

Thinking about you, even when you’re not around
I smile with such emotion
Seeing your smile gives me the strength of 10 men
I think nothing could ever beat me down
heart beating like a tribal drum
I say your name in a hum
but, thinking of you more and more
I found myself tangled with shackles stuck to the ground

As I struggle trying to forget you
It’s like ripping myself into two
every time I see you with a man
It’s as though I’m bleeding by the thorns of a rose
and you being the warden of a prison
it feels like I’m a prisoner waiting at death row


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