What I lived for

What I lived for

It’s going to be my 2nd week here in Singapore and I’ve finally found a place to live!Although I can’t move in till July…haha

This Multiracial country/city have multitude of Languages that even I need to ask for the second time on what they were talking… This really brings back the time I first started working with a regional Philippine dialect called “Visaya” .

Normally you won’t get to hear it in Luzon and most people there doesn’t even know how to speak it! (Neither was I, but will get to that in a second…)

I always felt that Language is a vast jigsaw puzzle with an infinite amount of pieces and when you speak, you rearrange those pieces to converse in any language you wanted.

Being able to speak to the masses using your words as an antenna and broadcasting on what was happening in a country gave me fulfillment in more words than you can describe.
For me, handling minor dialects was a challenge!

It gave me a purpose to learn, understand and translate what they were trying to implore.
I didn’t care if it took me till 3 a.m. in the morning…

I’d still go to work that day and persevere whatever heinous things that was recorded on those tapes…
But, nonetheless…

Being a translator in Japan was really unstable.

You have a bundle of English translators and Tagalog translation depends on how nerve reckoning the topic would be…

Right now I can speak Tagalog, Japanese, English and minor dialect driven from those languages…

I might as well learn Chinese while I’m here!lol


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I am only a boy
I can’t say I’m a man
I’m not worthy enough
I’ve been to many places
I’ve met a lot of people
I also lost as much
I may look tough and scary
I’m really quite soft and cuddly
My name is Albert
That’s who I am
Just being myself is my game

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Summer Haiku

Full moon
call of Cicada’s
Great time for sake

Girls in yukata’s
fire works going boom
so is my heart

Sky tree
watching fireworks from above
feeling like heaven

Straw hat
wearing it slanted
you look good

Summer jobs
Summer love
All gone with the summer



Love is red and blue
It tastes like sweet chocolate when you kiss
It sounds like fireworks on a dark blue sky
It smells like flowers on spring
It looks like a bright star when she walks in
It makes me float on a cloud when thinking of her
Love is many things
But, I know you’re the only one I love



Is the color of people fading away
Is the color of time wasted
and memories of the day
Is the color wisdom
And grey
is the color of your kingdom



As darkness cover the city
Evil hunts and prowl
People cower and fear
Who will save us from the tear

Darker than the night
Here comes the Dark Knight

As he watches over Gotham
We have to admit he’s quite awesome
With a Joker making trouble
He makes it his business saving the people

He’s maybe a damned man
But, we can always rely on Batman


Angry Birds (Red bird ver.)

We come by the flock
But, we fly alone
Each of us have special talents
Well, I don’t

I’m red and covered with feathers
And I can only fly straight

I can’t multiply
I can’t lay an egg
I can’t explode
I can only fly straight

But, I don’t think I’m not needed
I have the heart of an eagle

I don’t have fear
I have only courage
I face the pigs and the monkeys head on
Because, I can fly straight

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